Shelley Point Private Peninsula Estate

Shelley Point is a beautiful West Coast peninsula fringed by three natural bays and sandy white beaches, catering for the discerning investor and homeowner. All properties are situated on a north-facing secured peninsula, with your choice of sea or golf course views.


Available stands are rare, but there are still a few gems available for you to weave yourself into the fabric of Shelley Point society. Peace, serenity, security and comfort are words that come to mind when describing the lifestyle achieved by Shelley Point homeowners.

Perfectly manicured roads, sidewalks, gardens and greenbelts lead from the security entrances, through the golf course to the three pristine beaches; Britannia Bay’s golden mile, Shell Bay and the tranquil Stompneusbaai.

Here the elements of nature blend together in perfect harmony, the sightings of whales, dolphins, seals and the daily migration of thousands of cormorants form the everyday ebb and flow of life in Shelley Point.


Shelley Point amenities

24 Hour access control

3 Magnificent beaches

Golf course


General plot information and building regulations

  • Seafront plots are about 20m from the high water mark
  • Back plots about 150m from the high water mark
  • Plots average size of 500 – 800 square metres
  • Minimum size of house is 120 square metres (excluding garage)
  • Height restrictions:
    • Beach front: 4 to 6.5m
    • Back plots: 7 to 9m
  • Basic aesthetic building constraints
    • Pitch roof, black/grey (tiles, thatch or mazista slates)
    • Smooth plastered white walls
  • No building deadline to start building
  • Municipal services by the local municipality under the supervision of the homeowners’ association.