St. Helena Views

Located in St. Helena Bay on the Cape West Coast, this estate consists of three phases, each with its own private access through single entrances, boundary walls and natural indigenous greenbelt landscaping, fauna and flora.


This tranquil, North facing estate offers a multitude of options for expectant home builders. Coastal greebelts and natural tidal pools are the playground for beachfront property owners, while magnificent ocean views are afforded to almost every other stand in the estate.

All three phases of this estate are fringed by untouched fynbos and ancient rock formations. Situated in the heart of the West Coast, St Helena Bay is recognised as one of the calmest bays in the world and the only bay on the West Coast of South Africa where you will see the sun rising in the East over the sea.



Phase 1

Positioned on a North facing, gently sloping hill, almost every stand in St. Helena Views Phase 1 has magnificent ocean views.

Phase 2

Tucked away in between indiginous fynbos and ancient rock formations, St. Helena Views Phase 2 is a wonderful option for homeowners looking for peace, quiet and natural beauty.

Phase 3

St. Helena Views Phase 3 offers exclusive beachfront and secluded ocean view properties.


Plot and building info

  • Seafront plots are about 50m from the high water mark
  • Back plots about 500m from the high water mark
  • Plots average size of 450 square metres
  • Minimum size of house is 120 square metres (excluding garage)
  • Height restrictions: 7m
  • Walls to be constructed of clay brick or cement bricks only
  • Basic building constraints as per the Building Design Manual
  • No building deadline to start building
  • Municipal services by local municipality under the supervision of the homeowners’ association