Plot and building info:

General plot information and building regulations:

  • Front plots about 80m from the high water mark
  • Back plots about 500m from the high water mark
  • Plots average size of 300 – 500 square meters
  • Minimum size of house is 120square meters (excluding garage)
    • Building Height: 9m
    • No building deadline to start building
  • Basic aesthetic building constraints as per Building Design Manual.
    • The aim is to establish a development with the West Coast “feel” and which consists of a variety of aesthetically pleasing homes, well suited to modern living, that reflect the architectural style of the area by adapting the features such as dark pitched roofs with parapet gables, white painted plastered walls, and simple, if any, decorations.
    • Municipal services by local municipality under supervision of homeowners’ association.
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